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Our primary goal is to educate our clients about maladaptive breathing. We do this by investigating how each client's breathing habits affects their unique body and symptoms. We then work together to retrain the breathing center, to restore balance in mind, body, and spirit.

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How I came to realize that what seemed automatic (breathing) was the missing link to improving my sleep, health, and mind!

With 25+ years of experience working as a clinical patient educator and practice manager in dentistry, I developed a keen understanding of how the mouth, tongue, and facial growth impacts alignment of teeth, oral health, breathing, sleep, and physical well being.

I personally suffered from asthma & allergies from as young as 4 years old. Hospitalizations from pneumonia and not being able to run the mile in school, simply because I could not breathe, was my reality. I continued to develop many health challenges in my adult life and many specialists would just give me another medication. I became determined to transform my body’s response through healthier eating, holistic dental care, exercise, removing fragrances & toxic chemicals from my home, and more. This was an improvement but I still had metabolism issues, asthma, allergies, and broken sleep.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Buteyko breathing method in 2017 as part of treating patients in dentistry for sleep apnea and other disorders, that a new light was shed. Spending day after day educating others, I decided to practice what I was preaching. In a few weeks was able to exercise and walk outside without using my inhaler! As time progressed, I began sleeping through the night, and my metabolism began to normalize- and finally lost the stubborn 45 pounds-total of 72 pounds over the course of my journey! 

My years of training & experience in the dental/airway field gives you the quality you are looking for in a breath retraining coach. My personal journey and own practice in shifting my lifestyle offers a level of empathy when working with each individual. Meeting you where you are, tailoring to your needs, and helping you reach milestones.

In my free time, I enjoy a good hike, a long walk (preferably near water), or a variety of games with family & friends.


Start your path towards freedom in breathing, and experience the health, energy, and clarity you were meant to have.
Schedule your free consultation today!

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