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Our primary goal is to educate our clients about maladaptive breathing & poor oral muscle function. We do this by investigating how each client's oral function and breathing habits may be affecting their unique body and symptoms. We then work together to retrain the breathing center, oral muscle function, and vagus nerve; to ignite the spirit with you restoring balance to your spirit, soul & body!


How I came to realize that what seemed automatic (breathing) was the missing link to improving my whole being!

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I suffered from asthma and allergies from the time I was four years old until well into my adulthood. Asthma and pneumonia put me in the hospital regularly throughout those years and prevented me from having a normal childhood.  While so many of my school friends played sports, and seemed to run and jump with ease, I could barely keep up; let alone run the requisite mile in high school gym class.  Simply put, I couldn’t breathe.


As I grew older, I developed additional health challenges, including significant weight gain.  I saw one doctor after another, and took more and more prescription medications, but I continued to feel worse.  All that changed in 2017, when I discovered the Buteyko Breathing Method and was finally able to heal my asthma, allergies, metabolism issues, and broken sleep.  What I discovered was that breathing—something that seemed so simple, so natural, so automatic—was actually the key to improving my overall health and well-being.


After years of suffering, I was able to exercise and walk outside without using my inhaler.  I maintained uninterrupted sleep throughout the night, and I lost a total of 72 pounds!  I now feel and look better than ever before.  The experience has been so transformative, that I developed a passion to help others achieve optimum health naturally—without a litany of specialists, medications, and hospitalizations.


During my twenty-five years of professional work as a Dental Clinical Patient Educator and Practice Manager, I developed a keen understanding of how the mouth, tongue, and facial growth impacts teeth alignment, oral health, breathing, sleep, and physical well being.  This professional knowledge led me on a path to discover the Buteyko Method and has enabled me to educate others about maladaptive breathing and how to overcome its detrimental affect on the human body.  I am now the proud owner of Your Living Breath, a functional breathing practice that assists the body’s natural ability to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually, one restorative breath at a time.

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